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About Eddy

Collaborative living designed for ambitious people


Greater value than a studio or living with a roommate


Move in ready, furnished, and utilities taken care of


Call eddy home for a month or a year


Events and experiences with a like minded group of people

The Eddy Experience

We build smart spaces and curate communities allowing our members to live collectively, conveniently, and affordably

Design & Community

Connected Spaces Designed For Living: private spaces in shared rooms in Hollywood

For Dreamers Who Do

Eddy is a community for the ambitious

We are a collaborative community that creates opportunities and meaningful connections between the leaders of tomorrow by bringing them together today.

For Dreamers Who Do

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In The News

Co-Living Serving As Social Glue For Remote-Learning Students

When Eddy recently opened its third Los Angeles, Calif.-area co-living community, Eddy East Hollywood, the buzz centered on the company providing a cost-effective option for young Angelenos and LA transplants hard-pressed to find affordable apartments. But despite the fact Eddy East Hollywood opened at the start of the 2021-22 academic year, many overlooked a key advantage of co-living spaces from companies like Eddy in this particular day and age.

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L.A. Millennials Go Communal for Budget, Ease and Socializing.

Against the backdrop of L.A.'s housing crisis, these mostly 20- and 30-somethings are aiming to meld affordability with a values system that focuses on owning less stuff while finding increased human interaction.

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What is the process for membership application?

Eddy is a Community-Focused Coliving Experience powered by ambitious people. An introductory application is requested to schedule a tour. Eddy’s membership committee reviews applications after the tour. If approved, Eddy will run a credit and background with your permission as a final step.

What is Coliving?

Coliving uses design and technology to enhance the roommate experience. It is a 21st century take on an age old concept conceived around community, value, convenience, and security.

Is there a minimum stay?

Our minimum stay is 30 days.

Why do I have to apply to join?

In order to create a community of ambitious and like-minded individuals we ask that all prospective members submit an application and meet with one of our managers.

Is there a security deposit?

Yes, there is a $395 refundable security deposit.

Are utilities included?

Absolutely, everything from water and power to super fast broadband and cable.